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Be safe from Corona Virus

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So what’s all the fuzz about corona virus? What is this virus and where does it come from? The corona virus (covid-19) according to WHO (as at March 2020), is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus…. Continue Reading →


Alcohol is a mind altering legal substance that is mostly used for recreational purposes. It is also used by some people for dealing with emotions, or even pouring and drinking hard liquor in some Ghanaian traditions. When it comes to… Continue Reading →

Knowing more about Saving and Investing

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Executive Summary Currently sudden movements, acquisitions and mergers have caused citizens to be quite concerned about investing in the country due to the current unstable financial sector uncertainties. These factors affect local investments, foreign investments, and the Ghanaian financial performance…. Continue Reading →

Valuable Lessons from “The Richest Man In Babylon”

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The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clayson is one of the greatest personal finance books I have ever read, and i am glad to share this knowledge with all my readers. Should we follow the rules outlined in… Continue Reading →

Coping with “Sick Days” as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur

It is indeed a great thing when you work for yourself as either a Small Business owner, a Freelancer, or any other form of entrepreneur busy being your own boss and managing contractors or employees on the side for your… Continue Reading →

A letter to all Unemployed Graduates: Replacing Unemployment with Entrepreneurship

In this modern era it is getting harder for graduates to land jobs after school. Students go through stress and hard work for 4 years and more hoping to be employed immediately after graduation, but once the certificates are handed… Continue Reading →

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